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The daily musings of a PR student working in the event industry passionate about living, fashion, rpg gaming analogies & inappropriate sassy behaviour

Boy interrupted. 

Boy interrupted. 


We tend to judge or discriminate anything we don’t understand. Some where along the lines of meeting new people on the playground and meeting new people in our teen years and our 20’s some of us have stopped using our manners. We listen to preconceived thoughts shared by others. Instead of holding our own truths and thoughts to ourselves. Why do it though? When the validation exists when you share a though with a person and they affirm your so called belief.

There is so much in life that we could cherish and appreciated if we only took the time to look deeper than what the surface permits us to see. The moment you realize you’re such a tiny speck in the universe you can’t help but feel somewhat - significant. There is one of you that exists in this world, a person with their very own make and DNA. And even as a tiny spec in the universe - there’s so much to you. You’re unique in your own way made up of your own stories, experiences and characteristics.

If at the end of the road all we have are our memories, experiences, and fond moments. Isn’t it the just thing to do, to make every day a day worth remembering?

You might be a small being in the universe, but you have so many reasons to exist. Make yourself known to the world by fulfilling your purpose and your very reason for existing. What might that be? It’s entirely up to you.

I find sharing goodness and being kind to anyone and everyone is enough to make me feel like I’m doing my part in this world. We all perish in the end, why not make each day fun, full of laughter, interesting and inspiring not only for yourself…. But for all?


… And at the end of the night if you can say you’ve tried - then your day hasn’t been a waste. Neither has your existence or your time. 

Soothes the soul

When you stop worrying about the people and things you can’t control and focus on the things that all exist ‘now’ in your life that you can enjoy and work on - all problems no matter how big or small cease to exist. Your way of thinking changes too. And by accepting all that is happening around you the weight on your shoulders is gone. Freedom begins in your mind. And your life will change and improve when you learn to love yourself enough and start to take control of your life. 

"But what can I say
About something that blows me away
Without it soundin’ like another cliché?
From what I’ve seen and I’ve heard,
When it comes to you, baby, no, there are no, there are no words."
-The Script (No Words)